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    The sound of Basic Guy is intelligent experimental melodic techno, Basic Guy is not content with just churning out music by numbers and hates the boxing up productions by genre. In his creations Basic Guy wants to express deep emotional feeling and likes to use dark textures and tones to convey this. Inspirations are vast and various with his passion for electronic music beginning during his immersion in the 90s underground scene in his home city of Osijek, Croatia. Works by the likes of Carl Craig, Anthony Rother, Aril Brikha, Deetron, Henry Saiz, Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Henrik Schwarz and Satoshi Tomiie helped Basic Guy shape the depth which he seeks in his own sound. You can also find other work by Basic Guy on labels such as CS Gas, 66Khz Productions and Consumed.
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    Out Now: Dimension Observer | Released 9th November 2015 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Engineer's Dream | Released 13th July 2015 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Before I Leave | Released 16th December 2013 | DJ Feedback