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      Artist Release Title CatNo. Date
    CW113 Tuomas Rantanen Early Cretaceous Part 2 (LP) CW113 18/02/2019
    CW112 Vasili Carlson First (LP) CW112 28/11/2016
    CW111 Xilinox Provocation (LP) CW111 24/10/2016
    CW110 Vasili Carlson Dude (Single inc. remixes) CW110 12/09/2016
    CW109 Tuomas Rantanen Early Cretaceous Part 1 (LP) CW109 18/07/2016
    CW108 Xilinox Order (EP) CW108 16/05/2016
    CW107 Vasili Carlson Stern (EP) CW107 04/04/2016
    CW106 Tuomas Rantanen Late Jurassic (LP) CW106 14/12/2015
    CW105 Basic Guy Dimension Observer (LP) CW105 09/11/2015
    CW104 Tuomas Rantanen Middle Jurassic (LP) CW104 28/09/2015
    CW103 Basic Guy Engineer's Dream (Single inc. remixes) CW103 13/07/2015
    CW102 Tuomas Rantanen Early Jurassic (LP) CW102 29/06/2015
    CW101 Patrex Bombastic (EP) CW101 18/05/2015
    CW100 Tuomas Rantanen Late Triassic (LP) CW100 27/04/2015
    CW099 Tuomas Rantanen Roaring Dunes Suite (LP)
    2015 Remasters
    CW099 30/03/2015
    CW098 Xilinox Three Ghost (EP) CW098 23/03/2015
    CW097 Ross Harper Chimes (Single inc. remixes) CW097 16/03/2015
    CW096 Akkya Tablet VII (EP) CW096 15/12/2014
    CW095 Nelman Serial (EP) CW095 10/11/2014
    CW094 Tuomas Rantanen Middle Triassic (LP) CW094 13/10/2014
    CW093 Kinko Acid Le Grand Don Beat (EP) CW093 22/09/2014
    CW092 Tuomas Rantanen Grinding Ground Suite (LP)
    2014 Remasters
    CW092 09/06/2014
    CW091 Vito Lucente State of Emergency (LP) CW091 02/06/2014
    CW090 Dorian Gray Acheron (LV-426) (EP) CW090 19/05/2014
    CW089 Xilinox Murder or Accident (Single) CW089 14/04/2014
    CW088 Tuomas Rantanen Early Triassic (LP) CW088 31/03/2014
    CW087 Kinko Acid Take My Hand (EP) CW087 24/03/2014
    CW086 Primal Beat Earth is Collapsing (EP) CW086 24/02/2014
    CW085 Vito Lucente Dark Matter (Single) CW085 17/02/2014
    CW084 Basic Guy Before I Leave (Single) CW084 16/12/2013
    CW083 Nelman & Jay Saunter Raw Voltage (inc remixes) CW083 09/12/2013
    CW082 Tuomas Rantanen Mechanised Incantations (LP) CW082 25/11/2013
    CW081 GEN2.7 Dirty Job (EP) CW081 18/11/2013
    CW080 Various Artists Unique Material (Compilation) CW080 28/10/2013
    CW079 Primal Beat Fallen of War (EP) CW079 21/10/2013
    CW078 Dorian Gray Wormhole (EP) CW078 30/09/2013
    CW077 Tuomas Rantanen Nychthemeron In Madagascar (EP) CW077 23/09/2013
    CW076 TWIST3D Masterpiece (EP) CW076 19/08/2013
    CW075 Michael Lambart In Your Head EP (Remixes) CW075 12/08/2013
    CW074 Smophor Fat Man Walking (EP) CW074 22/07/2013
    CW073 Tuomas Rantanen Robot Construction (LP) CW073 01/07/2013
    CW072 Xilinox Discrimination (EP) CW072 24/06/2013
    CW071 Michael Lambart In Your Head (EP) CW071 03/06/2013
    CW070 Tuomas Rantanen Nychthemeron In Galapagos (EP) CW070 20/05/2013
    CW069 TWIST3D Hazel (EP) CW069 13/05/2013
    CW068 Ross Harper Homecoming (LP) CW068 15/04/2013
    CW067 Xilinox Metal (EP) CW067 08/04/2013
    CW066 Tuomas Rantanen Biometrics (Album) CW066 25/03/2013
    CW065 TWIST3D Nibiru EP (Remixes) CW065 18/03/2013
    CW064 Xilinox Luchock (Single inc. remixes) CW064 25/02/2013
    CW063 TWIST3D Nibiru (EP) CW063 18/02/2013
    CW062 Tuomas Rantanen Gladiator (Single inc. remixes) CW062 28/01/2013
    CW061 Nelman Straight Ahead (EP) CW061 21/01/2013
    CW060 Tuomas Rantanen Rumbling Ocean Floor (EP) CW060 17/12/2012
    CW059 Nelman & Ross Harper New Age (Single) CW059 10/12/2012
    CW058 Tuomas Rantanen Mammoth Cave (EP) CW058 26/11/2012
    CW057 Lady Vusumzi A Purple Box (LP) CW057 19/11/2012
    CW056 Patrex New Hope (Single inc. remixes) CW056 29/10/2012
    CW055 Akkya Abandoned Future Perfect (LP) CW055 29/10/2012
    CW054 Akkya Abandoned Future Perfect
    (Remixes Part 3)
    CW054 29/10/2012
    CW053s Mark Anxious vs
    Tuomas Rantanen
    Organisms, Mutations &
    (DJ Mix by Mark Anxious)
    CW053s 24/09/2012
    CW052 Tuomas Rantanen Corporations (LP) CW053 24/09/2012
    CW052 Ross Harper Wipeclean (EP) CW052 24/09/2012
    CW051 Akkya Abandoned Future Perfect
    (Remixes Part 2)
    CW051 10/09/2012
    CW050 Nelman Train Yard (Single inc. remixes) CW050 27/08/2012
    CW049 Akkya Abandoned Future Perfect
    (Remixes Part 1)
    CW049 20/08/2012
    CW048 Tuomas Rantanen Empire (EP) CW048 30/07/2012
    CW047 Tosi Da Conveyor (Single inc. remixes) CW047 23/07/2012
    CW046 Patrex The Launch Remixes (EP) CW046 18/06/2012
    CW036 Nelman Jasmine (EP) CW036 11/06/2012
    CW045 Ross Harper Seren (Single) CW045 04/06/2012
    CW044 Tuomas Rantanen Mutations (LP) CW044 28/05/2012
    CW043 Lady Vusumzi Vision (EP) CW043 21/05/2012
    CW042 Dries Tessens Hypnotic Story (Single) CW042 14/05/2012
    CW041 Patrex The Planets Pt 2 (EP) CW041 30/04/2012
    CW040 Nelman Dynamic Shock (EP) CW040 23/04/2012
    CW039 Tuomas Rantanen Roaring Dunes (EP) CW039 19/03/2012
    CW038 Ross Harper Simplicity (Single) CW038 12/03/2012
    CW037 Dries Tessens Come Again (Single inc. Remixes) CW037 27/02/2012
    CW035 Ross Harper High Order (EP) CW035 13/02/2012
    CW034 Tuomas Rantanen Organisms (LP) CW034 30/01/2012
    CW033 Subtle Fusion Subtle Fusion (LP) CW033 23/01/2012
    CW032 Tuomas Rantanen Magnetic (EP) CW032 12/12/2011
    CW031 Ross Harper High Fidelity (EP) CW031 05/12/2011
    CW030 Code 9000 Save Acid (EP) CW030 28/11/2011
    CW029 Dellow New Revolution (EP) CW029 21/11/2011
    CW028 cr38 & Anime Child Awaken (Remixes) CW028 14/11/2011
    CW027 Tuomas Rantanen Triangulum (EP) CW027 31/10/2011
    CW026 Nelman The Searcher Part 3 (EP) CW026 24/10/2011
    CW025 cr38 The Dream (Single) CW025 26/09/2011
    CW024 Patrex The Planets Pt 1 (EP) CW024 19/09/2011
    CW023 Code 9000 Next Level (EP) CW023 22/08/2011
    CW022 Nelman The Searcher Part 2 (EP) CW022 15/08/2011
    CW021 Nelman The Searcher Part 1 (EP) CW021 08/08/2011
    CW020 Tuomas Rantanen Umbra (EP) CW020 25/07/2011
    CW019 Ross Harper Semper Fidelis (Single) CW019 18/07/2011
    CW018 Nelman Valves Part 2 (EP) CW018 20/06/2011
    CW017 Nelman Valves Part 1 (EP) CW017 13/06/2011
    CW016 Tuomas Rantanen Symmetry (EP) CW016 23/05/2011
    CW015 Patrex The Launch (EP) CW015 16/05/2011
    CW014 Code 9000 Jack Your Body (EP) CW014 26/04/2011
    CW013 Dellow Extravagance (EP) CW013 18/04/2011
    CW012 Nelman Nukleon Part 2 (EP) CW012 28/03/2011
    CW011 Nelman Nukleon Part 1 (EP) CW011 21/03/2011
    CW010 Tuomas Rantanen Grinding Ground (EP) CW010 21/02/2011
    CW009 cr38 & Anime Child Awaken (Single) CW009 25/10/2010
    CW008 DJ Ross The Red Hardpressed, Crushed & Broken (EP) CW008 21/06/2010
    CW007 Liebeharts New Unary Poem (Single inc. remixes) CW007 22/02/2010
    CW006 DJ Ross The Red Chrysalis Project Remixes Pt2 (EP) CW006 24/08/2009
    CW005 D-Mas Meta-Static (EP) CW005 26/05/2009
    CW004 DJ Ross The Red Warning (EP) CW004 23/02/2009
    CW003 DJ Ross The Red Crysalis Project Remixes Pt1 (EP) CW003 28/11/2008
    CW002 D-Mas Kiln Koll (LP) CW002 21/11/2008
    CW001 DJ Ross The Red The Crysalis Project (LP) CW001 21/11/2008