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      Artist Release Title CatNo. Date
    CW016 Tuomas Rantanen Symmetry (EP) CW016 23/05/2011
    CW015 Patrex The Launch (EP) CW015 16/05/2011
    CW014 Code 9000 Jack Your Body (EP) CW014 26/04/2011
    CW013 Dellow Extravagance (EP) CW013 18/04/2011
    CW012 Nelman Nukleon Part 2 (EP) CW012 28/03/2011
    CW011 Nelman Nukleon Part 1 (EP) CW011 21/03/2011
    CW010 Tuomas Rantanen Grinding Ground (EP) CW010 21/02/2011
    CW009 cr38 & Anime Child Awaken (Single) CW009 25/10/2010
    CW008 DJ Ross The Red Hardpressed, Crushed & Broken (EP) CW008 21/06/2010
    CW007 Liebeharts New Unary Poem inc. Remixes CW007 22/02/2010
    CW006 DJ Ross The Red Chrysalis Project Remixes Pt2 (EP) CW006 24/08/2009
    CW005 D-Mas Meta-Static (EP) CW005 26/05/2009
    CW004 DJ Ross The Red Warning (EP) CW004 23/02/2009
    CW003 DJ Ross The Red Crystalis Project Remixes Pt1 (EP) CW003 28/11/2008
    CW002 D-Mas Kiln Koll (Album) CW002 21/11/2008
    CW001 DJ Ross The Red The Crystalis Project (Album) CW001 21/11/2008