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    Toronto native Vito Lucente creates his inimitable sound by blending the mechanical with spiritual, resulting in an audible vibration of highly evolved techno intensity. Driving rhythms, intense grooves and a discreet layer of emotion constitutes the cathartic feel behind his productions and mixed sets. An indisputable level of conviction which he calls “a relentless no hold barred approach” formulates his productions and sets creating an atmosphere of penetrating energy across monitors and dance venues around the globe. Lucente began his journey as a DJ in the late eighties. At the impressionable age of ten he found himself fixated within the sensation of house music spending his days on weekends jamming in the DJ booth of his father’s nightclub. He gained style and formulated his way of mixing to find himself a permanent resident slamming the dance floor in Niteluse and other venues across Toronto. Yet it wasn’t until he was introduced to the TB 303 that the moment of truth presented itself. Gravitating towards the acid house sound, he found a natural connection and was fixated. Vito’s focus quickly began to morph from turntablism into something much greater. Twenty-five years into fast forward acid house and the 303 continues to be the inspiration behind the tone and style in his techno productions today. Although inspired by nostalgia and the analogue, his meteoric work lends itself to a futuristic sound in digital format. Well versed in Logic, Pro Tools and Ableton, Vito’s attack on conventional techno has flourished from an abundance of musical influences ranging from deep house, hard techno, rave collabs, acid house, alternative, punk, drum and bass and jazz. Preferred feels across all these genres are key in generating his sound, and for this reason record labels across Europe and South America have picked up several of his tracks. Integrity ranked top on his list of importance, Vito Lucente’s music backs this to say no different. Production wise he has performed diligently to develop his signature sound. Safe to say that he is here for good, to havoc dance floors and leave a lasting impression in the minds and spirits of the techno world. You can also find Vito Lucente’s works on Vaderecords (Argentina), Techno Legends Records (Hungary), Apparatus Vivere Records (FRA), Subtopic Records (FRA), Digital Grooves Records (Argentina), Ambber Records (Argentina), Toolstyle Records (Ibiza, Spain), SDL Recordings (Germany) and Hallucination Digital (Germany).
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    Out Now: State of Emergency | Released 2nd June 2014 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Dark Matter | Released 17th February 2014 | DJ Feedback