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    Kinko Acid is the underground techno project of Cristian Pegullo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. What will strike you about the Kinko Acid sound is the raw experimental edge and the deep musical undercurrent. While many producers these days go for the all-in-one digital studio option, Cristian is far more at home settling down with some good old hardware to crank out his analogue electronic beats. In fact, Cristian likes nothing more than tinkering with drum machines, synthesisers and effects units. A stalwart in the Buenos Aires underground party scene Cristian can be found twisting some live beats most weekends. But techno trance wasn’t always Cristian’s music of choice and previous to getting into electronic music he played in several rock bands. Furthermore, his father, Hector Pegullo, is also a professional musician and from a young age Cristian fondly remembers helping his dad in the studio, it is here he learnt his jack leads from his midi cables. You can find Kinko Acid releases on numerous other labels including Kidnapping, Teksession, Wavelike and Subwoofer.
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    Out Now: Le Grand Don Beat | Released 22nd September 2014 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Take My Hand | Released 24th March 2014 | DJ Feedback