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    Michael Lambart’s musical mission is the exploration of the darker side of humanity’s existence including but certainly not limited to issues of pain, evil, conflict, psycho disturbance, future apocalypse and isolation. Another aspect you will note about Michael’s music is his consistently immaculate production technique. Michael Lambart was born in Bremen, North Germany and calls himself a “technoactivist” who has been involved with electronic music since 1992. Michael started with the production of mainly acid and hard trance tracks under the pseudonyms M!Ultra and Acid Ground. His first tracks from these projects were released in 1997 on the sampler-compilation “Voodoobeats”, followed by a number of releases on various download sites. Since 2003 he has been a co-producer of several projects with Olaf Apholz (Apwood Recordings) and Axel Lüers (Voodoomania Record). Currently, Michael produces mainly minimal, tribal, dark, deep & funky techno under a variety of pseudonyms including White Line Project, E-Spice, The Yellow Master, Xinetix, Harrisburg, Paranormal and GEN2.7. Michael also owns and manages Northbeatz Digital, Mutterkorn Records and Wintermute Records. Above all Michael Lambart has established himself as a totally accomplished electronic music artist who’s expansive, brave and expedient catalogue of works is only set to become more and more exposed. Check his artist website - www.michael-lambart.de
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    Out Now: In Your Head EP | Released 3rd June 2013 | DJ Feedback