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    TWIST3D, also known as Twisted Kurt or Kurt La Rocca, is the CEO and founder of techno label BUNK3R R3CORDS which boosts over 50 international artists on the books and a top notch fortnightly radio show on Fnoob Techno Radio. Furthermore, in TWIST3D’s latest project Kurt has teamed up with BUNK3R R3CORDS cohort TNP to create a DJ duo named Crossfader. But latest projects aside, Kurt’s story is an epic one, he grew up with music in his childhood as his father was a well-known DJ in his area for more than 20 years, every Saturday morning he would hear his dad play the newest white label import records while he was preparing his 8 hour set for that night. So at a young age he witnessed the birth and evolution of club/house music in the late 80’s in Belgium. As soon as he had a car, he was going out in legendary clubs like Boccaccio, Barocci, Globe, Balmoral, La Rocca and Cherrymoon. He also attended the first Love Parade and May Day parties. Very soon he became friends with DJ's like Yves DeRuyter, Fly, Franky Jones, Marco Bailey...and he was a regular guest at some great parties. After being away from the clubscene for a few years his friends asked him to organise parties using his many contacts. So Kurt returned to the scene with his monthly concept 'TWIST3D CONCEPT EVENTS' with DJ Hunter, Kostas Maskalides, Massimo Mephisto, this ran for almost 2 years. Kurt also promoted a lot of other parties and DJs to help them make it in the scene. During this period Kurt made his first steps into music production. Kurt had has gathered a rich knowledge of club music over the years and put this to use to create music that pleases every electronic music fan. After just producing for a few months his friend and label owner David Scaldia gave him the chance to release his first EP “No Frontiers” on Planet Scaldia. In no time TWIST3D became a well-known name in the music scene and signed over 40 of his tracks in just six months! He was picked up by labels like Planet Scaldia, Sub Scooping Music, Housevisions Records, Korner House Records, Allusion Records, Modifi Music and T&T Records.... Kurt also teamed up with T-Lektric and formed a project called Pressure One under which he signed another three EP's on three other labels! In 2010 Kurt teamed up with T-Lektric again to start their own label called T&T Records which soon joined the ASG Group in Belgium, ASG now holds almost twenty labels. Kurt then went on to start techno label BUNK3R R3CORDS and so we are back to where we started... But keep an eye on TWIST3D because there's still more to come!!!!
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