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    Xilinox (also known as “The Bee”) is a Hungary based techno producer whose talents have been recognised by a variety of labels including Dark Audio, Survival, Plastiq, Shout, Techno Pulse, Zimmer-Records, in fact, the label list goes on and on. The main word to describe Xilinox’s style is “unique”, he achieves this accolade by simply doing things slightly differently, for example, he often incorporates mashed up vocal snippets or even whole incantations, furthermore, he is as much at home with techno as he is happy playing around with break beats, melodic signatures and complex musical structures. Through these numerous qualities Xilinox continues to build a varied and exciting catalogue of tracks that in the main is made up of really hard banging beats but also has a range of more progressive numbers that might easily make it onto a Digweed DJ mix.
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    Out Now: Provocation (LP) | Released 24th October 2016 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Order (EP) | Released 16th May 2016 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Three Ghost (EP) | Released 23rd March 2015 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Murder or Accident | Released 14th April 2014 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Discrimination EP | Released 24th June 2013 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Metal EP | Released 8th April 2013 | DJ Feedback
    Out Now: Luchock (inc remixes) | Released 25th February 2013 | DJ Feedback