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    Ross started his journey into electronic dance music culture in the mid 90’s attending world renowned underground London clubs like The End, Lost, Tribal Gathering’s Final Frontier, Megatripolis, Escape From Samsara and Return To The Source. It was during this season he was exposed to a rich and diverse cross section of electronic music from some of the scenes most respected pioneers such as Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills. Inspired by these early days Ross began an intense period of study in 2002 exploring the field of music production which focussed on traditional mixing and recording techniques as well as digital sound design skills. While studying Ross found a vocation in the Mastering process (this is the final stage of audio production and can be compared to the “polishing” of a piece of carpentry before it is ready to go on sale). Ross completed his official studies in 2007 and founded City Wall Records in 2008, 99% of the releases on City Wall are mastered by Ross. Ross’s music explores climatic, organic experimental loop based textures and rhythms. The main aim in his productions is to project an inner vision that can only be properly expressed through the musical medium. Ironically one of Ross’s early productions under his DJ Ross The Red moniker was picked up and supported by none other than Laurent Garnier, perhaps a signal that things have indeed gone full circle.
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